Current Assets

• Network of website and social media properties
• Brand awareness due to Tatiana’s personality in the Blockchain space, including as the first Artist Coin, Singer/Songwriter, Podcast Host, & Public Speaker
• Cohesive branded graphic design materials
• Timely and evolving SEO strategy
• Established industry credibility
• Relevant blockchain and music industry brand and messaging
• Innovative team with years of collaborative experience
• Portfolio of previous client deliverables
• Extensive rolodex across blockchain and entertainment industries


Q3 2020 – Q1 2021

Define and implement internal infrastructure

• Define clear roles and KPIs for leadership, sales, and support teams
• Secure business insurance (E&O) and payroll services
• Streamline digital asset management (consolidate web properties and develop process for secure access levels by team role)
• Implement CRM management and workflow processes for both clients and investors
• Identify best vendor partners
• Streamline corporate content production (podcast, video, written)
• Explore potential media partnerships
• Develop metrics communication standards for both clients and investors

Increase brand recognition for Crypto Media Hub & Tatiana Moroz

• Complete messaging matrix and marketing plan for both entities
Design and implement branding / UI kits for all web & social media properties
• Identify and execute high ROI advertising opportunities
• Establish analytics process across all web and social media properties

Acquire a minimum of 3 established clients, spending $20k-$30K (each) in monthly budget and 2- 4 smaller budget clients.

• Identify target clients, organized by revenue opportunity
Execute outreach and drip workflow to continually keep opportunities in pipeline
• Create incentive program for sales referrals beyond sales team

Q2 2021 – Q4 2021

Sales and inhouse operations run independent of Tatiana

• Expand sales and inhouse teams to scale with pipeline and increased client demands, reducing reliance on vendors
• Expand workflow and communication tools and outreach to focus on established companies

Tatiana represents company outside of daily operations

• Dedicate part of the team to negotiate and plan external opportunities (speaking & performing events)
• Establish workflow for tracking and executing external media / thought leadership opportunities (op-eds, interviews, commentary on new pieces)

Increase recurring billing to 5 high-revenue clients with 6-month commitments and expand service offerings/scope of client business niche

• Introduce revenue opportunities in music via
• Explore corporate video productions and partnerships (ie:  sponsored daily news segment)

Q1 2022 – Onward

Future Goals

• Expand to physical recording studio locations ( NYC and LA)
• Scale in-house & sales staff to support physical locations

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