Fundraising Objective

We are accepting seed investment to prepare for the next era in blockchain evolution. Areas of focus include our core competency in PR, communications, events, advertising and marketing, while expanding into video, podcast, audio production, consultancy, and more.

The target initial investment is between $150,000-$200,000.

This investment will fund approximately one year of operating expenses, predominantly for lean staffing needs, with conservative projections indicating a positive net income within 12 months. 

Join our team in the next era of blockchain evolution.

Company Biography

Crypto Media Hub launched in January 2015 as a creative center for blockchain marketing, advertising, communications, and PR.  

We have expanded to provide specialized experience in media, event, video, and audio production, and our team members have been providing expertise and guidance to the crypto industry since 2012.  Our experienced team consists of industry veterans, all with many years of blockchain experience.

Our CEO and founder, Tatiana Moroz, has a strong network across many disciplines in entertainment, blockchain, activism, and politics.  We have a trusted team that can deliver professional solutions to our valued clients.

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