The Internet of Trust and Value: What Blockchain Can Bring in an Enterprise Context

If you have heard about blockchain, it was probably in the context of Bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrency. You may have considered it a sort of risky investment for nerds. But blockchain is way more than that. Its unique characteristics make it the perfect tool for several industries…which are now starting to wake up to […]

Female Founder Friday – Alyze Sam Co-Founder Give Nation

Crypto Media Hub is proud to be a woman led company and we are even more proud to launch our first weekly Female Founder Friday! Meet Alyze Sam! Former hospice nurse, Alyze Sam proudly co-founded & Directs, GIVE Nation: a non-profit children’s financial literacy AI/blockchain project which rewards in a fiat collateralized stablecoin for altruistic […]

The Growing World of Tokenized Ecosystems

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have proven to be the strongest species so far to emerge from distributed ledger technology. But there is increasing interest in the even larger structures that form and thrive off of the blockchain: tokenized ecosystems. As dynamic entities with their own inner workings, tokenized ecosystems are subject to the changes wrought by […]