Porcfest 2020 Invitation and Information

Thank you for your interest in coming to Porcfest, get ready for an amazing time!  Sam and I are gathering the calvary with a #ProofofGratitude crypto education campaign. We are currently building out the assets for this campaign, including graphics and a home site where we can promote all our work and fun during this trip and more to come.

Our group will leave North Bergen, NJ at 10 am EST. We will be departing Tuesday June 23 and returning Sunday June 28 (departure from house 10 am). We are renting vans to drive up, though if there are less people, we may take a car to save money.

Food and beverages for people staying in the home will be purchased on arrival in Lancaster.  This is not an all you can eat buffet, but the house will be stocked.  Please feel free to bring your own drinks or food if you have preferences.  We will have some alcohol and water, but this isn’t a bar.  However, we will be serving special cocktail at times (free to people we like).  Outsiders can donate.

We will be cross marketing all of our brands and encourage people participating to do the same.  Our community is more important now than ever, so we look forward to joining forces with you all.

Car to and From Lancaster (8 hour drive with stops), and during Porcfest: $150 p/p RT – $75 one way

Ski Resort Airbnb:  $135 per room per night (with all nights booked).  Pricing adjusted if you are staying for a shorter time or if you are sharing multiple beds etc.  Expect to pay between 100 for a couch per night to 150 per night for a couples private room.

Fancy Hotel:  https://www.mountainviewgrand.com/
   (SOLD OUT part of the time)

Camping:  On site, please see www.porfest.com for details.

Donation:  If you guys can put in a little extra for our efforts and the big party we are throwing, that would be great.  Talk to Sam or Tatiana about this.

Give Nation
Tatiana Moroz
The Tatiana Show
Proof of Love
PAC Global
G Media
We Are Change

Dorothy Cunha (In Memoriam – please join us for the ceremony from a mountaintop TBA)

Room Assignments:  These are the tentative rooms we have assigned.  We can rent a 2nd house, so please let us know if there is additional demand:

  1. David Gokhshtein and Mahbod
  2. Erin and Kingsley
  3. Eric + 1
  4. Sam
  5. Luke R (We Are Change)

Couches or Group Bunk Men’s Room:  Russ, Jonathan Mohan, Nathan Windsor

Hashtag:   #ProofofGratitude #ProofofLove

Themes: Signs and symptoms of giving and gratitude, Sick economy/Sick world, Love, giving, and gratitude

Some video content will include: Ask Porcfest attendees to show gratitude or give thanks, Evangelizing at local businesses and stops along the way, Promotion of sponsor brands and media partnerships, Encouraging Anarchovegas attend

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